For the past 15 years, Tim Hortons has annually awarded 220 scholarships across North America, totaling more than $3.3 million to date. These scholarships are open to team members and their children and their grandchildren, supporting multiple generations in the Tims family. As we wrap up this year's program, we want to showcase some insights from restaurant owners and scholarship recipients.

Scholarship recipient – Emilee Hendrycks

"Winning this scholarship allows me to gain an education that I could only dream of," said Emilee. "It means so much to me to know that this company is supporting me in achieving my dreams. This scholarship gives me the opportunity to focus on my education, and less on paying for it. I will always remember the support of Tim Hortons and the McCluskey Group in allowing me to pursue a career in the legal field."

Restaurant owner – Chris McCluskey

"The scholarship program is an excellent way to promote higher education while enhancing our employee value proposition," said Chris. "We have many great tools available to reward our employees, but the scholarship truly provides a lifetime of value to our team members. We have incredible people working in our restaurants, and being able to play a supporting role in their development through this program is an opportunity we would not want miss out on."

Scholarship recipient – Laura Soudier

"Winning the scholarship will be a big help when it comes to paying tuition fees, which is one less thing to worry about when it comes to classes and university," said Laura. "Working at Tim Hortons has been a valuable experience that has exposed me to a variety of cultures, both through guests and coworkers. This broadened my view of the world by hearing stories from all everywhere, which allows me to be more receptive to cultural differences and thus more welcoming to everyone."

Restaurant owner – Ken Jur

"A Tim Hortons scholarship helps reward and recognize the incredible hard work that our team members do everyday," said Ken. "The balancing act of working and studying is no easy task! This is our way, at Tims, of helping to support our team members learn, grow and develop in their careers and life as they serve their communities with us. We always have great excitement around the scholarship winners each year and are proud to have had applicants for the scholarship program for at least the last five years in a row, and at least one winner within our organization each year! It is another way we can show support for students looking to work with Tim Hortons while they study. Sometimes students can use the additional funds to help with tuition or books and we are proud to help support their education journey!