Justin and his culinary collaborator Pam are back at Tim Hortons with Biebs Brew, launching in restaurants across Canada and the United States on June 6. To celebrate the debut of the new Biebs Brew video, we sat down with Eileen O’Connell (also known as Pam) to learn more about her experience working with Justin, Eileen’s inspiration for Pam’s character and more. And, if you missed the original Timbiebs spot - check it out here.

Eileen O'Connell (also known as Pam) in the original Timbiebs ad spot.

So, Eileen, tell us a bit about yourself.
Hi! My name is Eileen O’Connell. I am an actor and I love improv comedy, happy hours at places where my kids can run around and happy hours without my kids. I love my kids!

What was your reaction when you found out you would be featured in an ad with Justin Bieber?
When I auditioned to play Pam, we were told the commercials were going to be with a “celebrity”, but they didn’t tell us who. After I booked the role, my agent finally told me it was Justin Bieber. I literally screamed! I am a huge fan and could not believe it. And then, I got NERVOUS! I didn’t know if I could play it cool with such an icon.

Tell us about the experience. What was it like to work with Justin?
While I was NERVOUS, the whole experience was really wonderful. Justin could not have been nicer, and he was willing to improv and try new things. We basically made up a lot of the lines you see in the commercial through improvising together and throwing out new ideas. Justin is really funny! He cracked me up and he was incredibly generous with his time and encouragement. When I flubbed a line, he always said I was doing great and made me feel better. Our director was Justin’s long time collaborator, Colin Tilley. Colin was really cool and made us all feel comfortable.

I was a fan even before I met Justin but, after spending time with him, I am now an even bigger fan and am so amazed by his kindness, generosity and talent.

How did you develop your Pam character, what/who was your inspiration for Pam?
I loved playing the character of Pam. When developing her personality, I imagined a woman who is extraordinarily dedicated, committed and passionate about her job and about creating the world’s greatest Timbits and Cold Brew flavours. Pam will go to the ends of the earth for Tims and will do it with enthusiasm, intensity and scientific precision!

Do you have a favourite moment or a highlight from the shoot?
My favourite moments were always right before the director called action. Before the scene started, Justin and I stood together off camera and had time to just chat. I told him about my kids and even showed him pictures of them; and he told me about his life. It felt really easy talking to Justin. He was very curious and open about talking about his life.

Did you get a chance to taste test the limited-edition Timbiebs or Biebs Brew while filming?
YES! I did get to test the Timbiebs while we were shooting and I literally could not stop eating them. Sometimes on sets actors use “spit buckets” to spit out the food after a take because you have to eat so much of the food that you eventually get sick of it and don’t want to eat it anymore. I did not have that problem with Timbiebs! I ate every one and even took some home.

Do you have a favourite Justin Bieber song?
Choosing my favorite Bieber song is like choosing my favorite child, they are all uniquely perfect! My tops are “Intentions”, “I Don’t Care”, “Peaches”. Oh my gosh, all of them really!!!

The much-anticipated next collab between Justin Bieber and Tim Hortons has officially arrived: BiebsBrew. Launching June 6, Biebs Brew is the perfect blend of two beloved Tims flavours: French Vanilla and Canada’s favourite coffee - steeped for 16 hours to create a bold and smooth flavour that’s worth the wait.

Alongside the new Brew, Tims is also launching a co-created Biebs Brew Tumbler and celebrating the return of the fan favourite Timbiebs and merch - all available for a limited time only at participating restaurants.